Brand Perkins
Model 1104D-44TA
Number of cylinders 4
Bore x Stroke 105 x 127 mm
Displacement 4400 cc
Maximum Power 100 Hp
Maximum Torque 410 Nm
Hydraulic System
Type Open Center System
Pump Type Tandem Type Gear Pump
Pump Flow Rate 90 + 57 lt
System Pressure 190 Bar
Type Autoshift
Number of Gear 6 forward 3 reverse
Stall Ratio 2.38:1
Driving Speeds
1st Gear 6.1 km/h
2nd Gear 9.8 km/h
3rd Gear 13 km/h
4th Gear 20.8 km/h
5th Gear 26.3 km/h
6th Gear 40.0 km/h
Oscillation Angle (Front) 16
Loader Performance
6-in-1 Bucket Capacity 1.1 m3
Bucket Width 2.44 m
Pin Height 3.47 m
Unloading Distance 0.99 m
Digging Depth 0.16 m
Max. Bucket Breakout Force 7209 kgf
Max. Arm Breakout Force 6515 kgf
Lifting Capacity to Maximum Height 3170 kgf
Digger Performance
Rear Bucket Capacity 0.17 m3
Max. Digging Depth
Fully Retracted 4.4 m
Fully Extended 5.7 m
Ground Level to Slew Centre
Fully Retracted 5.7 m
Fully Extended 6.85 m
Loading Distance
Fully Retracted 3.8 m
Fully Extended 4.6 m
Operating Height
Fully Retracted 5.67 m
Fully Extended 6.55 m
Bucket Rotation 187
Max. Bucket Breakout Force
TB (Extended) 6364 kgf
TB (Retracted) 6364 kgf
Max. Dipper Arm Breakout Force
TB (Extended) 2867 kgf
TB (Retracted) 2026 kgf
Filling Capacities
Engine Oil Pump 8 lt
Engine Cooling System 18,5 lt
Fuel Tank 140 lt
Hydraulic Oil Tank 70 lt
Transmission Oil 16 lt
Front Axle 14 lt
Rear Axle 16 lt
Operating Weight
Standard Machine 9.550 kg


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