Isuzu Brand
AH-6HK1X Model
4 Number of cylinders
656 Nm @ 1500 Rpm Bore x Stroke
  Note: For some regions Mitsubishi Engine 6D34-TLU2D Tier 2 emission type is supplied.


  Hydraulic System
Closed center system Type
Axial piston pump with variable displacement Pump Type


  Pump Flow Rate
2 x 234 lt/min Main Pump
19 lt /dk Pilot Pump


  System Pressure
330 bar Attachment
350 bar Power Boost
350 bar Travel
240 bar Swing
40 bar Pilot


Axial Piston Hydromotor Type
11 Rpm Swing Speed


  Driving Speeds
17.900 kgf Maximum Traction Force
6 km/h High Speed
3.8 km/h Low Speed


  Digging Performance
1 m3
6.67 m Dig Depth
10.05 m Ground Level to Slew Centre
9.56 m Working Height
16.700 kgf Bucket Breakout Force (ISO)
11.900 kgf Arm Breakout Force (ISO)
19.300 kgf Ground Level to Slew Centre
5.8 m Boom Dimension
2.4 m/*2.92 m Arm Dimension
0.40-0.54-0.68-0.82-1.20 m3 Bucket Capacity



  Filling Capacities
20.5 lt Engine Oil
29.3 lt Engine Cooling System
354 lt Fuel Tank
160 lt Hydraulic Oil Tank
290 lt Hydraulic System
5 lt Swing Motor
2x5.4 lt Travel Motor


  Operating Weight
22.750 kg 220 LC Standard Machine


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3D view of the 220LC machine

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