Brand Kubota
Model V2403M-T-EU4D
Number of cylinders 4
Bore x Stroke 87 x 102.4 mm
Displacement 2434cc
Maximum Power 59Hp
Maximum Torque 160Nm
Hydraulic System
Main Pump Flow Rate 61 lt/min
System Pressure 220 bar
Travel Pump Flow Rate 243 lt/min
System Pressure 400 bar
Type Fully hydrastatic
Driving Speeds 0-12 km/h
Loader Performance
Multi Purpose Bucket Capacity 0.35 m3
Bucket Width 1.63 m
Pin Height 2.80 m
Dump Distance 0.59 m
Dig Depth 0.05 m
Bucket Breakout Force 2883 kgf
Arm Breakout Force 3250 kgf
Digger Performance
Bucket Capacity 0.06 m3
Dig Depth 2.75 m
Ground Level to Slew Centre 3,60 m
Loading Height 2.40 m
Working Height 3.47 m
Bucket Rotating Angle 207.5
Bucket Breakout Force 2692 kgf
Arm Breakout Force 1643 kgf
Operating Weight
Standard Machine 3800 kg
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Manufacturing Producte

Imported Excavators Imported Excavators

  • HMK 220 LC
    HMK 220 LC
    Power: 162 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 22.750 Kg
  • HMK 300LC
    HMK 300LC
    Power: 202 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 31.900 Kg
  • HMK 370LC
    HMK 370LC
    Power: 271 Hp
    Working weight:: 39.000 Kg

Manufacturing Manufacturing

Imported Backhoe Loaders Imported Backhoe Loaders

  • HMK 62SS
    HMK 62SS
    Power: 62 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 3800 Kg
  • HMK 102B
    HMK 102B
    Power: 100 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 9.100 Kg
  • HMK 102S
    HMK 102S
    Power: 100 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 9.550 Kg