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The training unit is used by experienced instructors both inside and outside the company as well as in cooperation with the Hidromek training unit and equipped with a conference hall including all educational equipment and training equipment for online and non-attendance training and all necessary training for all Personnel, customers and clients as needed.

The training unit at Snow Pars has put the following on the agenda:




1-      Staff training.

2-      Training of experts and technicians of the after sales service unit.

3-      Educational counseling.

4-      Customer training.

5-      Preparation of technical manuals in Persian.

6-      Preparation of technical and educational documents in Persian.

7-      Complete and update teaching aids.

This unit has gone through training courses in the field of operator, service, maintenance, and ... for customers in order to increase the useful life and efficiency of the devices as well as reduce their maintenance costs. The training courses of this unit are designed in such a way that apprentices can effectively familiarize themselves with different systems and their performance and troubleshooting.

The company has the ability to offer general, technical, and specialized courses for free applicants theoretically and practically, and these courses are taught by experienced and trained professionals.

Mobile Repair

There are totally ten field service vehicles equipped with the necessary materials, tools, and equipment for full engine repairing, hydraulic system, chassis and body repairs that each car is run by a technical expert and an experienced and trained technician, and all warranty and guarantee issues of the machine are completely and accurately done with the help of the mechanic mate.

Each device is equipped with a GPS satellite tracking system that is controlled by the service center, and if the customer contacts, the nearest field service will be sent to the location of the machine.

Spare parts department

In addition to defining the goals and strategies of supplying and selling unit in the following items, Snow Pars has been actively providing customers with the fullest support in the shortest possible time.

In this case:

  1. Distribution of original and high-quality parts
  2. Providing competitive prices for parts
  3. Planning to strengthen the warehouse and store the appropriate volume of parts to support the distributed devices of customers.
  4. Emergency supply of parts required in the absence of inventory (received via DHL and airmail)
  5. Send parts to all parts of the country in less than 48 hours
  6. Increase product basket according to customers' needs
  7. These are the main basis activities of the parts supply unit.
Central Workshop

The central repairing station has three separate sites equipped with all general and specialized tools for repairing all machinery, operated by mechanical engineering specialists.

All defects of the machine are checked by the repairing station manager after delivery by the customer and referred to the corresponding work professor for other repairs.

The repaired device will be tested before delivery to the customer and will then be delivered to the customer.

Customer Care

The country has been divided into three zones in order to organize our responsibility for services, and each zone is managed by its admin. Every command and issue about each zone consisting of warrantee and guarantee is investigated by the related admin with contact call or refer as being present in the after-sale service. The orders will be done either by phone call guidance or sending the field service to the mentioned locations, or the customer can refer to the main central mechanical shop of the company.

The Customer Response Unit is equipped with after-sales service software for customer registration, tracking and referral, as well as four mobile lines named Call Service. This unit is responsive to customers through twenty five telephone lines by the central telephone system.

The beliefs of the after-sales service department of Snow Pars are that the customer complaints are one of the most valuable and least costly ways to find out the defects of the devices and understand the demands of customers and move towards quality improvement. Those customers who express their complaints are in fact carriers of this message, "We want to continue buying from you in order that you solve your product problems." Therefore, we believe that the plaintiff's customer is low-cost We get acquainted with the shortcomings and weaknesses of our production, and sometimes it gives us a free solution, so it is their right to be thanked for their help and spend our best efforts on satisfying them.

Maintenance and Warranty

We do the first repairing service in the right location of the machine and without any receiving money for fixing wage or traveling.

Sending field service to further and the furthest spots of the country for repairing the machines immediately is done after getting the failure report from the customers. During warrantee and guarantee time, all expenses and payments are free, but out of that time, repairing costs a price and customer should pay for it.


Without a doubt, presenting variable services in the best possible way and satisfying the customers always are both one of the most essential element for Snow Pars Co. and an all-out endeavor has been done permanently to achieve these goals. We are proud of reaching these effective goals beside the assistance of the thankful customers.

Interactive voice response service is a way for receiving customers’ demands, interests, offers, and complaints. Our goal for starting this service is reaching an efficient and standard way for constant contact with customers and introducing a convenient way for answering their questions and living up to our promises.

There is another service for critics and suggestions which is another method for getting customers’ ideas and objections for our service presenting. Complainants can refer to the mentioned page and service and then send us their complaints and follow the issue until getting an ideal result.

Manufacturing Producte

Imported Excavators Imported Excavators

  • HMK 220 LC
    HMK 220 LC
    Power: 162 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 22.750 Kg
  • HMK 300LC
    HMK 300LC
    Power: 202 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 31.900 Kg
  • HMK 370LC
    HMK 370LC
    Power: 271 Hp
    Working weight:: 39.000 Kg

Manufacturing Manufacturing

Imported Backhoe Loaders Imported Backhoe Loaders

  • HMK 62SS
    HMK 62SS
    Power: 62 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 3800 Kg
  • HMK 102B
    HMK 102B
    Power: 100 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 9.100 Kg
  • HMK 102S
    HMK 102S
    Power: 100 Hp (IMPORT BAN)
    Working weight:: 9.550 Kg